Eat real. Eat wild.

Lacuna wasn’t born in a boardroom... was the invention of four friends over one too many bottles of wine and underwhelmed with their choices of fast food in a realistically healthy lifestyle -- so they did something about it.

Welcome to quick service united with farm to table cuisine.

Welcome to Lacuna.

Lacuna food is food. No freezers or preservatives. Our food is ripened on vines, not in boxes.  Responsibly raised meats. Locally grown produce. Each ingredient we use is sourced from farms in the Southwest, and has been chosen based on freshness, flavor, and sustainability.

Diana, Leo, Matt, and Deuce

Regionally Sourced

Boulder City, NV

Herbs By Diane

Located 18 miles away Diane provides Lacuna with organic herbs and vegetables. All grown and hand delivered by Diane herself!

Ingredients Sourced:

Kale, Lettuce mix, Herbs

Sonoma, CA

Laura Chenel

Artisan cheesmaking using fresh American goat milk, Laura Chenel has been the standard for American chèvre since the 1970's.

Ingredients Sourced:

Goat Cheese

US family farms

Niman Ranch

With humanely and sustainably raised meats from a network of US family farmers, Niman Ranch leads the industry in agricultural practices.

Ingredients Sourced:

Flank Steak

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